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Tullahoma Vision Associates Science Scholarship Application

Each year, Tullahoma Vision Associates awards a scholarship to a graduating high school senior who wishes to pursue a career in a science-related field. The scholarship award is $1,000 again this year! The scholarship is open to students from all area high schools. The recipient is selected by an independent scholarship committee based primarily on a written essay describing the reasons for the applicant's chosen field of study.

To download an application for the 2024 Science Scholarship, please click here. Applications are also available through area high school guidance offices. Completed applications must be received at our office by March 1, 2024, for consideration.

Science Students

Tullahoma Vision Associates Scholarship Application

600 Airpark Dr.

Tullahoma, TN 37388



Applications must be received at the address stated above by March 1, 2024.
Applications received after March 1, 2024 will not be considered.


$1,000.00 will be awarded to a single applicant as determined by the scholarship
committee. The scholarship will be awarded in two increments of $500.00 each, payable to the school.


1. Female or male student majoring in any science field.

2. Résumé, including extracurricular activities, community service, and employment.

3. Five hundred word summary of your educational plans and the reasons for your choice.

4. High School transcript with ACT/SAT scores.

5. Must be hard copies. No emailed copies allowed.

This scholarship is intended to be used in the pursuit of post high school education.

Personal Information:
Guardian Information 1:
Guardian Information 2:

List College(s) to which you have been accepted:

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